Barbara Crawford
Welcome to the Italian Travel Promotion Council online!

Formed in 2000, the ITPC was initially comprised of 7 leading tour operators and Alitalia Airlines. Its purpose was to act as an advisory board to the Italian Government Tourist Office (ENIT) for the promotion of tourism to Italy.

Working diligently with ENIT, we have grown to a membership of 18 Italy travel specialists. We have hosted up to 300 travel agents in each of 9 regions of Italy starting with the Lazio region in 2000.

The ITPC members have worked hard for Italy and benefited from the business relationships and camaraderie that were naturally formed among the members, travel agents and ENIT. However, we know that our future success depends on expanding our organization to a wider range of tour companies, niche specialty operators and travel agents.

Many of our members have family in Italy and the U.S. and have great knowledge of the country we know and love. The members of the ITPC offer a variety of vacation opportunities ranging from honeymoons to vineyard tours, family vacations to cooking lessons, and much more. Chairman Mauro Galli encourages you to take a look through our Members' Profiles and learn more about your vacation in our Tour Italy Resources section.

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